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          学术报告——Single Cell Analysis of Yeast Aging by Modern Approaches
          发表日期: 2018-11-09
          打印 文本大小:    关闭

            报告人:Dr . Yi Zhang(章益博士) 


            报告时间Date: 2018119日(星期五)下午2:00 



            Aging is characterized by progressive loss of physiological and cellular functions, but the molecular basis of this decline remains unclear. In budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, aging can be assayed by at least two methods: chronological lifespan (CLS) and replicative lifespan (RLS). The yeast RLS assay measures how many daughter cells a mother can produce before it ceases dividing, and has been proposed as an assay to identify conserved pathways affecting the continued viability of dividing cells such as stem cells in humans. Here we explored how replicative aging affects transcriptional dynamics in yeast using single-cell RNA sequencing. We found that aging perturbed the total mRNA amount in the single cell level, and interfere with gene expression profile of core biological pathways. Increased cell to cell transcriptional variability and progressively deteriorated mutational signature was also observed during replicative aging in yeast. These discoveries shed light on a comprehensive understanding of the molecular mechanisms of aging and will direct us to find effective therapeutic strategies to prevent from aging and aging related diseases in human beings.  


            Dr. Yi Zhang (章益 博士) pkuzhangyi@163.com 教育背景和学术经历: 2015 10 至今: 北京大学生物动态光学成像中心博士后 1. 在黄岩谊教授实验室从事博士后研究,并应用单细胞 RNA 测序技术研究酵母复制衰老。 2. 成功开发出一套针对微生物的单细胞转录组分析方法和技术,并且在世界上首次从单细胞水平对酵母衰老进行转录组分析和研究,进一步揭示了生物衰老的分子机制。 2013 9 2015 2 : 马克思普朗克生物化学研究所(德国)博士后 1. Dr. Ulrich Hartl 教授实验室从事博士后研究。 2. 应用单细胞成像技术和微流芯片技术研究 PolyQ 蛋白错误折叠和聚集相关的神经退行性疾病分子机制。 2010 10 2012 8 : 加州大学旧金山分校访问学者 1. 加州大学旧金山分校生物化学和生物物理系访问学者(访问博士研究生)。 2. 应用单细胞成像技术和微流芯片技术在单细胞水平上研究酵母复制衰老的分子生物学机制。 2008 9 2013 7 : 北京大学物理学院博士研究生 1. 在欧阳颀院士实验室攻读生物物理方向博士研究生,开发微流芯片技术并用于酵母衰老研究。 2. 开发出一套高通量微流芯片系统,并应用于酵母衰老研究,革命性地改进了在单细胞尺度上对酵母复制寿命进行分析的方法。 Education & Academic Experiences: Oct.2015—Now: Peking University, Beijing, China 1. Post-Doctoral fellow in Dr. Yanyi Huang(黄岩谊教授) lab and conducted single cell RNAseq analysis of yeast replicative aging. 2. Successfully developed the approach for single cell transcriptome analysis in microorganism and applied on yeast aging research at the single cell resolution. Sep.2013—Feb.2015: Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Germany 1. Post-Doctoral fellow in Dr. Ulrich Hartl lab and conducted single cell analysis of PolyQ aggregation in yeast using microfluidic system. Oct.2010—Aug.2012: University of California, San Francisco, USA 1. Visiting PhD student in Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, UCSF 2. Studied yeast replicative aging at the single cell resolution using the microfluidic system combined with single cell imaging. Sep.2008—July.2013: Peking University, Beijing, China 1. PhD student at School of Physics, Peking University majored in Biophysics and conducted microfluidics and aging research in Dr. Qi Ouyang(欧阳颀院士) lab. 2. Developed a high throughput microfluidic system for yeast aging research and revolutionized the approach of yeast replicative lifespan analysis at the single cell resolution.  


































            文章发表: 1. Yi Zhang, Jiaxin Gao, Yanyi Huang, Jianbin Wang. Recent developments in single-cell RNA-seq of microorganisms. Biophysical Journal. (2018). 2. Zhengwei Xie, Kyle A. Jay, Dana L. Smith, Yi Zhang, Zairan Liu, Jiashun Zheng, Ruilin Tian,Hao Li, Elizabeth H. Blackburn. Early Telomerase Inactivation Accelerates Aging Independently of Telomere Length. Cell. (2015). 3. Yi Zhang, Chunxiong Luo, Ke Zou, Zhengwei Xie, Onn Brandman, Qi Ouyang, Hao Li. Single cell analysis of yeast replicative aging using a new generation of microfluidic device. PLoS One. (2012). 4. Susanne M. Rafelski, Matheus P. Viana, Yi Zhang, Yee-Hung M. Chan, Kurt S.Thorn, Phoebe Yam, Jennifer C. Fung, Hao Li, Luciano da F. Costa, Wallace F. Marshall. Mitochondrial Network Size Scaling in Budding Yeast is Achieved in the Bud at the Expense of the Mother. Science. (2012). 5. Zhengwei Xie, Yi Zhang, Ke Zou,Onn Brandman, Chunxiong Luo,Qi Ouyang, Hao Li. Molecular phenotyping of aging in single yeast cells using a novel microfluidic device. Aging Cell. (2012). 



















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